Jesse Willms

Scholarship Program

The Jesse Willms Scholarship Program seeks to help out students in need via financial aid. The scholarship is for students in business programs or interested in running/starting their own business.

3 Scholarship Prizes To Be Awarded

Jesse Willms is offering three scholarships for the following amounts:

1x $ 0
First Place
1x $ 0
Second Place
1x $ 0
Third Place

The Essay

Applicants are required to submit an essay discussing what your idea is for a business and how you would bring it to life?

The application deadline is February 28th, 2021. Good luck to all applicants!

In The Media

Jesse Willms is the owner of several vehicle history websites and currently resides in Nevada. His websites provide various free vehicle history information. When using his services, you can check on the history of old cars and see if it has been in an accident, if it is reliable, if it has had any recalls, what consumers think about it, and how they have reviewed it. It started out as a concept in 2015 but it has turned into a pretty successful site with about four million people using it each month to get free vehicle information.

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